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Naaraaz (1994)

  • Release Date19/8/1994
  • GenreJewel In The Criwn Restaurant, Subang Parade Shopping Centre, Swiss Garder Hotel, Batu Caves, Bukit Kiara Club, Tropicana Golf Club, Tama Shah
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Shooting LocationAction, Crime, Drama

"NAARAAZ" is a strange love story of two friends who hail from two opposite backgrounds. Ajay (Atul Agnihotri) is a son of a well to do Brahmin family. Deva (Mithun Chakraborty) belongs to a low caste poor family and due to this kind of background, he remains an angry person all his life. In Ajay he finds a great friend worthy of all his love and trust. In turn Ajay is fascinated by elderly Deva's unusual anger and extra-ordinary courage.

The friendship is not approved of by Ajay's Jagdamba Uncle (Bharat Kapoor) who an unabashed tyrant and a debauch. He soon sends Ajay to London as Ajay is mingling with the low caste which is unbearable for Jagdamba Uncle.

London is the place where Ajay grows up to become a writer of a book titled 'DEVAA'. He returns to his village Bharatpur to meet his childhood friend Deva and other suffering oppressed folks. He is accompanied by a London born Indian Journalist Sonali (Sonali Bendre).

He takes up the cause of providing drinking water for his villagers. In the process he comes in clash with his incorrigible Jagdamba uncle who has connections in the higher political circle. He causes death to scores of village people because they wanted to use the temple water. When Deva takes up this issue, he is branded as a terrorist and cops are sent to arrest him. In a bid to escape from the police, he lands up in a ship which was leaving for Malaysia.

In Kualalumpur he joins the gang of TAO-KI (Gulshan Grover) and meets Sonia (Pooja Bhatt). In saving Sonia from the clutches of TAO-KI he becomes a rival gangster and drug-peddler. This all is happening while Ajay is still fighting the battle of the villagers for getting justice.

Ajay with Sonali finally arrive at Kualalumpur to take his childhood friend back to his people. There is a dramatic confrontation between the two loving friends who are both angry with the society yet following opposite paths.

Is Ajay successful in taking Deva took back to his struggling people?

This question is answered in a heart-rending dramatic finale to the story of two loving friends.

(From the official press booklet)



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