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Mera Vachan Geeta Ki Qasam (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Valmiki! Bandit, killer - a name that spelt terror. Then came the light. Valmiki underwent a profound change, and the evil that had held his heart captive melted before the flood of piety. And thus an epic was born.

The hands of the killer were moulded to create the world's oldest holy treatise - the RAMAYANA; the life of Ram, the ideal man.

Haia, too, was bandit - killer. An innocent woman fell victim to a stray bullet that originated from Haria's vicious gun. Haria was overwhelmed with remorse. Yes, he was a killer, but had never molested a woman. Only he did not realise that the dying woman believed Haria had offered her release from her misery; a woman who was sold at the altar of lust every night would be sold no more. She appealed to the bandit to do her one last favour; adopt her daughter as his own, and save her from a fate that was a shame to all mankind.

The proud Haria gave his word to the dying woman. The baby girl would be brought up as his very own. He vowed to watch over her till she attained maidenhood and was married off to some noble family.

And Haria's word was a sacred as an oath upon the sacred Geeta.

Unlike Valmiki, Haria created no epic. Haria gave birth to a legend. Haria subscribed to the belief that Humanity is the only Religion.

(From the official press booklet)