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Manorama (1944)

  • Release Date1944
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Jankinath a poor villager, spent practically all his money and property to send his son to Europe for higher studies.

Chandranath,  his son took his law degree in Europe and returned to Bombay, a First Class Barrister. Chandranath gets a very good brief to start his career, from Sir Makhanlal a multi-millionaire. Jankinath is so anxious to see his Europe returned son that he comes down to Bombay unceremoniously. Chandranath wins the case in favour of Sir Makhanlal and Sir Makhanlal gives a party in his honour. Jankinath arrives in Bombay and learning that his son was in Sir Makhanlal's party goes there in a hurry to meet him. Being a villager, he cuts a rather poor figure amidst the people of modern society who had gathered there.

Chandranath hesitates to meet his father there in the villager's garb and tries to send him to his residence. Maya Devi, Sir Makhanlal's young wife asks Chandranath who the old villager was. Chandranath says that he was an old servant of his. Jankinath is excited and tries to speak out but his son slaps him to silence him.. Jankinath unable to bear the insult becomes, mad. Dr. Dilip, an old friend of Chandranath escorts Manorama, Chandranath's wife, and Shashi, his sister, to Bombay. In the course of time, Shashi, the village girl, becomes modern in dress and outlook and also falls in love with Dr. Dilip. Maya Devi who secretly loves the young Chandranath takes divorce from her old husband Sir Makhanlal and comes to stay with Chandranath. Shashi's behaviour deteriorates and she keeps out till late in the night with Dr. Dilip, Chandranath also falls for Maya Devi and Manorama finds them in a compromising pose. Manorma tries to give a little advice to Shashi, but Shashi retorts with a slap. At the instigation of Maya Devi, Chandranath takes away Manorama to her father's place. While escorting her, Chandranath by now an addict to drink also tries to have a glass on the train. Manorma tries to prevent him from drinking and in the tussle between them. Manorma falls from the moving train. Chandranath tries to find her out but does not succeed. Maya Devi gets ready to marry Chandranath. But at the time of marriage, there is a motor accident and Chandranath becomes blind. Shashi who is now pregnant elopes with Pal, one of her boyfriends. She goes to Dr. Dilip for medicine. Dr. Dilip refuses, Pal, instead of giving her medicine, gives her poison, and Shashi dies.

Where is Manorama? What happened to old Jankinath? Did Chandranath regain his eyesight? Who was accused of the murder of Shashi? What happened to Maya Devi? All these you will see unfold on the screen. 

[from the official press booklet]