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Mahasati Anusuya (1965)

  • LanguageHindi

Mahasati Ansuya, renowned wife of the great sage Atri defeated Indra, the King of gods and humbled him by catching the lightening in her hand which Indra in his arrogance had hurled at her husband. When Parvati, the great goddess, wife of Shiva, learnt of Ansuya's fame, she felt jealous. She played many tricks on her so that Ansuya might leave the path of the service of her husband but every time the great goddess Parvati, Laxmi and Saraswati failed in their attempts. Not only were the goddesses unsuccessful to humiliate Ansuya, but they had to confront even Narmada, who had learned the lesson of service of husband from Ansuya.

The goddesses sowed the seed of suspicion in the mind of Kaushik who accused his wife Narmada of infidelity. Kaushik was disfigured and became a leper as soon as he falsely accused his wife; Narmada was stricken with grief but upon Ansuya's bidding, started on a journey in search of life. Giving elixir which alone could cure her husband.

The goddesses again tried to persuade Ansuya to accept the worship of the goddesses superior to the worship o the husband but when Ansuya refused, they stopped the rains and struck the world with famine. Narmada also had to suffer as she had to offer her eyes to the goddesses to get water for her thirsty husband. But by her virtue and power of Ansuya, she regained her sight and set off with her son towards the cave of fire where the life-giving elixir was to be found. Ansuya brought the river Ganges to the parched land and thus proved beyond doubt that a woman can achieve even a greater position than the heavenly goddesses by true and whole hearted devotion to her husband.

Were the goddesses willing to accept defeat?

Was Narmada able to get the life-giving elixir?

See the answer of these question and many more thrilling incidents in MAHASATI ANSUYA on the screen.

(From the official press booklets)