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Kum Kum Paglaan (1972)

  • Release Date1972
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageGujarati
  • Run Time145 min
  • Length3960.58 meters
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-69258
  • Certificate Date28/03/1972

An egotistical human being when overlooks the existence of the God, tries to shamble innocent lives, it is when that the God ascertains omnipotence over evil actions. 

This is the case in this film.

It is about three families – First is an elite businessperson called Mr. Suman Rai, living with his wife Jaya and two sons, namely Shyam and Kishor. Second household is of his trustworthy Clerk Satya Prakash and his only daughter Radha. Whereas third home in the story is of Satya Prakash’s assistant named Vishwas and his daughter Reeta. It’s Vishwas who believes that in order to get affluence in life, it’s evident to remove Satya Prakash by any means from his way.

Mr. Sumant Rai has reverted Satya Prakash’s loyalty by declaring his son Shyam and Radha’s engagement ceremony. This great news caused upheaval in Vishwas’s world. It turned out a sudden shock. To bring his life back to ease, he was determined to get rid of Satya Prakash as early as possible.

Satya Prakash became victim of Vishwas’s evil plan. Mr. Sumant Rai was somehow murdered. Following the perfect plan, Satya Prakash was blamed for the crime as per Vishwas’ plan. The innocent Satya Prakash immediately escaped with his daughter Radha to an unknown place. Now, Vishwas, in the absence of Mr. Sumant Rai and Satya Prakash became the sole decisive authority. However, God has some different plans for the bereaved families and malevolent Vishwas. 

Sided by God, eventually innocent Satya Prakash’s daughter Radha reached to Mr. Sumant Rai’s home as a daughter-in-law. Once again, Vishwas tried every possible trick to get rid of her. Unfortunately, once again he succeeded in removing Radha. However, since destiny would have it, Vishwas ultimately made it to imprisonment for his increasing wrongdoings. 

In the end, Mr. Suman Rai’s home was once again blessed with Radha’s Kum Kum Pagla (pious ingress).

[from official press booklet]