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Kohram (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

The fate of evil and treason is always bad, with this central idea the story of the film is weaved with many heart touching incidents.

Colonel Balbir Singh Sodhi and Major Rathod accomplish a difficult mission. They incur the wrath of minister Virbhadra Singh resulting in the death of major Rathod. To revenge Rathod's death, Balbir Singh tries to kill Virbhadra Singh, but due to circumstances is unsuccessful. He flees from thee and meets with an accident and is declared dead. Three years later Brigadier Bedi comes across a man Dada Bhai alias Devraj Hathoda who looks just like Balbir Singh. A doubt crosses Bedi's mind that Balbir Singh might not be dead.

To clear his doubt he appoints Major Ajit Arya to find out the real identity of Dada Bhai.

Ajit Arya comes to the city where Dada Bhai lives, disguised as a journalist. He tries every trick in the books to prove that Dada Bhai is Balbir Singh but fails miserably. Fate plays an unusual role in Dada Bhai's life. His daughter undergoes a major heart operation. His wife and daughter need him at this hour of difficulty. His conscience pricks him and he throws away the mask of Dada Bhai and becomes Balbir Singh  Singh Sodhi. He walks straight in to the trap laid by Ajit Arya and gets arrested.

Ajit Arya has accomplished a difficult mission but he feels that all that he sees and hears is not the whole truth. He sets to find out the real fact and finds himself facing truth that is naked and bizzare. Ajit Arya and Brigadier Bedi come to know the real identity of minister Virbhadra Singh. They unitedly fight against Virbhadra Singh and his forces. In the end the enemies of the country of the country are punished in an unusual way and the answer to this unusual punishment is "KOHRAM".

(From the official press booklets)



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