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Khoj (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

If a man hires a killer to kill his enemy you can believe, but if a man hires a killer to get himself killed, you wouldn't believe. Yet remains a fact that one stranger hired Amar, the professional killer to kill his enemy but when the killing was over, the killer was shocked to find that the person murdered was none else than the person himself who paid for the game. Mr. Singh another crook who was present at the scene threatened to blackmail Amar, the killer, if he didn't join hands with him in future games.
After few days Amar was appointed General Manager of the Hindustan Shipping Company with whom Singh held the maximum influence. In order to clear their passage once for all, they planned the murder of Ranjit the son of the owner. Asha the innocent typist of the Company was charged for the murder. She had no other alternative but to run. She met Vinod who took pity on her and brought her home. The morning papers exposed her reality and she had to leave the place too. Vinod followed her. The police on one side and the men of Amar and Singh on the other side hunted for Asha. Vinod caught her and fell in love with her. Deepa the sister of Ranjit took a vow to revenge the death of her brother. In the meantime Vinod had changed Asha to Rita, his English fiance but soon this was discovered by Deepa and Amar. Asha was behind the bars. Vinod's mother was also kidnapped because the men of Boss, the mysterious head of the gang, suspected him to be a C.I.D. man. In order to save the life of his mother, Vinod had to do all illegal things for the Boss and his associates. Yet he was too smart for them.
Asha was released by the police but on her way back she was also kidnapped. During an encounter with the mysterious Boss she was able to see his face. She wanted to pass on the secret to Vinod, but at the nick of time she was silenced by the bullet.
Asha was lying unconscious on the operation table. One word from her would change the tide of things. Did she survive? Who was the Boss? What relationship he had with Asha? The answer for all these questions would be possible after you have seen "KHOJ".

(From the official press booklets)