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Khel Khilari Ka (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Life is personified by events and incidents. The course of life of Ajeet, a 12 years old boy, changes, while he is on way back to his village, from a fair, with his father, elder sister and child-brother. Three rascals Sangram, Nandan and Dharmdas in an encounter kill his father and rape his sister. The child falls in a river, sister commits suicide. Swearing revenge Ajeet kills on of the rascals and escapes to Bombay. There he meets a pick-pocketier Mohan and does thefts with him. One day police chase them. Two friends are separated. Mohan under the care of a temple pujari grows up to become an idealist school master with peace and non-violence as moto of life. Ajeet land up with a smuggler and grows up with revenge as the aim of his life. Ajeet becomes Rajasaheb looting smugglers and unlawful men to help the poor. Mohan's goal is to reform boys who are on the wrong path of life. He has 4 students Toni, Foni, Rana, Rahim - outright hooligans, and staunch followers of Rajasaheb. Mohan want to reform them. Meanwhile, Ajeet's lost child-brother has grown up in a drunkard Khairati's house to become a naughty young boy. Shankar joins Toni, Foni, Rana and Rahim, in the school. One day Shankar and Rachana, niece of Sangram meet in a hotel. Both fall in love with each-other. He tells her that he is a rich man's son. But on Rachana's birthday, truth comes out, Shankar gets insulted by Sangram. Shankar finds that money is everything. So to become rich he joins Rajasaheb with his 4 friends. Sangram comes to know that Sakhi Lutera is Sangram sends his son Vikram as Imposter of Rajasaheb's brother. Vikram succeeds in his bid an also comes to know of Rajasaheb's thirst for Sangram's blood.
Could Ajeet take revenge?
Could Shankar get Rachana?
Did Mohan reform the boys or boys changed Mohan?
For all these, only one answer see "KHEL KHILARI KA". 

(From the official press booklets)