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Kala Chor (1956)

  • GenreAction
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-16608/56-MUM
  • Certificate Date29/05/1956
  • Shooting LocationN&T Studios, Ashok Studios

Beware ! here comes Kala chor, a terrorist - devil may care dashing swash Buckler - masked and clad in black.

Pandemonium of confusion and chaos prevailing in the state is keeping the innocent subjects in constant fear of loot and arson in the name of law. Neither life nor property is safe under this reign of terror. Taking undue advantage of the physically disabled Maharaj's leniency, the black guard of the state called Sipah Salar is putting the devil to shame.

Prince Chandan, the only son of Maharaj is the saw dust romeo, who is out to marry the be-witching princes Chitra, the Juliet of his dreams: Sipah Salar always quick to the occasion kidnaps her in the disguise of Kala chor. But the real Kala chor who has become immensely popular amongst the subjects as a champion of their cause rescues her and proves his bonafides as an honest to goodness debonair lover.

Deadly jealous of the success of Kala chor, the Sipah Salar finds his hopes of ever winning the princess and becoming the ruler of the state, dashes to the ground. Having failed in fair means, he now adopts the foul ones and with the aid of his wicked colleagues he gets the Kala chor apprehended.

Kala chor is sentenced to be shot dead by the Command of the Maharaja Firring squad is already to shoot waiting for the word of command.

"Ready............aim.......One, two.........................

"Stop" comes a voice.

(1) Whose voice is this?
(2) Who is the real Kala chor?
(3) Does he live to Marry the princess?

Are the questions which can best he answered by the silver screen.

[From the official press booklets]