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Jalan (1948)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Tales of wealth, pleasures and magnificence of the city-the lure of the city has landed many an ignorant villager in trouble. 

Love of Rupa, the village belle and spirit of adventure prompted Ramu and his chum Buddu in search of wealth to go to city.

Dawn of national government changed many a profiteering business and they sought to put their business in order. But Sethji, a big mill-owner could not get out of the black-market ring, as Bansi Babu black-mailed Sethji and swindled many bales out of Sethji's mills.

The adventurous Ramu & Buddu secured job with Sethji to offset Bansi Babu's plans. Thus not only luck but the daughter or sethji Pushpa too smiled on Ramu.

Ramu - now Ramesh Babu, forgot Rupa, the village belle. Rupa's father arranges her marriage with Shammu, the patel's son. But Rupa runs away to the city in search of Ramu. But Ramesh Babu refuses to recognise Rupa in preference to the aristocratic Pushpa. Broken hearted Rupa returns back. But Buddu meets her in the garden and finding her plight goes to Ramu and opens his eyes to realities.

Meanshile Bansi Babu has kidnapped Sethji to a secret place to force him to sign some documents. Pushpa brings this news to Ramu & Buddu.

By their daring and courage they discover the secret den of Bansi Babu and with the help of police rescue Sethji and remove once for all Bansi Babu from his blackmailing.

Ramu then takes leave of Sethji & Pushpa to go to the village and amend the wrong done to Rupa. Buddu his chum, Sethji & Pushpa and other villagers join to bless Ramu & Rupa's wedding.

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