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Indar Sabha (1956)

  • Release Date1956
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationMohan Studios

The story is based on the famous Phantasy of Indar Sabha it deals with the romance of Sabzpari, the famous fairy of Indardev and her trials and tribulations.

Indar is so much pleased with Sabzpari's dancing and singing that he rewards her with Parimahal and a Signe tring. Neelampari, Lalpari and Pukhrajpari are displeased and they play upon the soft feeling of Laldev the right hand of Indar. Laldev is fond of Sabzpari but she always avoids him and he therefore sides with the other fairies, and plans against Sabzpari.
Safeddev likes Sabzpari and he helps her during several trials.

One day Sabzpari along with her chief maid Bhairavi flies to the earth in the Urankhatola they reach the country of Gulfam Sabzpari is attracted towards Gulfam Inspite of protestations of her maid she takes out her Signet ring and puts on the finger of Gulfam and pledges her troth. 
The Darbar of Indardev has assembled but Sabzpari is absent Indar frowns and orders other fairies to Sing and Dance. But their crude techniques does not satisfy Indar. He is very angry but at a crucial moment enters Sabzpari. Her classical dancing and singing wins applause from the Sabha. Indar is pleased with her and rewards her. Somehow or other Laldev comes to know that Sabzpari has parted with the ring and he reports the matter to Indar. Indardev calls Sabzpari and orders her to adorn herself with all the jewels presented to her by him. Sabzpari is worried and she requests Safeddev to get the ring from Gulfam.

Gulfam's condition is very precarious.  He has seen Sabzpari in a dream and has fallen in love with her. Forgetting his duties he raves like a madman. He refuses to part with the ring and Safeddev carries him along with his companion Bhairo to Paristan.
Sabzpari gets the ring and Indar is highly pleased. One day Sabzpari brings Gulfam to the Sabha disguised as a Musician Laldev unfolds this secret to Indardev, who becomes very angry and orders Sabzpari to be exiled to the Earth and Gulfam is ordered to be imprisoned. 

Sabzpari wanders and wanders in search of Gulfam. Laldev again offers his love but she resents the over turns of Laldev. Laldev creates troubles for her. Safeddev helps her and releases Gulfam and the lovers are united Laldev now approaches Zargam, the cousin brother of Gulfam who has usurped the throne of Gulfam. Laldev gives magic dice to Zargam and tells him to invite Gulfam to a game of Dice.

Zargam receives Gulfam very cordially and plays with him the game of Dice. Gulfam loses everything in Dice and along with Sabzpari goes in exile. Safeddev is also punished by Indar for his help to Sabzpari.

Whether Sabzpari and Gulfam are united again? What happened to Safeddev?
Please witness this spectacular show on the Silver Screen.

[From the official press booklet]