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In Search of Mother (2015)

  • Release Date04/2015
  • GenreDrama, Action
  • LanguageKonkani
  • Run Time126 minutes
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberDIL/1/136/2013-Mumbai
  • Certificate Date14/11/2013

Rahul is just like any other common boy, full of energy, hates studying, cares about nothing and crazy about adventures. He and his three friends are always into some kind of mischief. Right from bunking classes to racing at late night, there is nothing they don’t do. In college, they are popular for the wrong reasons.

Things happen in a routine manner until Rahul meets a girl on the internet who tells her that she is in search of her biological mother who happens to live in Goa. The girl lives in Netherlands and she has no photo, no address and no acquaintance of her mother. All she knows is her name and the village. On receiving a negative attitude from his other friends, he decides to find her mother, all by himself.

Things take a different toll. In the process of searching her mother, Rahul falls in great trouble. Villagers misunderstand him to be a child kidnapper and he is arrested. He is questioned. Here he comprehends who his beloved are and who are not. Friendship, parents and the outer world everything is tried and tested. Rahul’s way of looking at life, changes. 

The adopted NRI girl ‘Analiese’ comes and frees him. Rahul helps her in all possible ways to find her mother. A friend of Rahul’s helps them extract information from people. A priest also supports them. During this search, Rahul and Analiese develop a special bond which takes the shape of love. 

As the search for Analiese’s mother continues, they discover many unusual things. They find they are put into traps to avoid progress. People keep secrets. They feel as if they have almost reached her but something happens and they lose it; as if her mother doesn’t want to meet her. During this process, Rahul goes out of way and fights with some local gang. This results in another police problem. They are warned of any further attempts. Disappointed, Analiese leaves in few days after that incident.

Things seem to end here when at the time Analiese leaves for home, Rahul remembers something. Rahul is surprised. He knows who the real mother is. The film ends with a successful search, unrevealing but conclusive ending.

The film was the only Konkani feature film selected in IFFI 2014 (Goan section) and was highly praised for its narrative style and acting. The film is a collision of different genres- action, emotion and social satire. Some things are best kept hidden.