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Ikke Pe Ikka (1994)

  • Release Date1994
  • GenreRomace, Comedy
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time127 min
  • Length3991.07 metres
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number20263
  • Certificate Date14/10/1994

This is a story of a rich businessman Kailashnath and his spoilt sons. Every son has his own likes, dislikes and desires. None of the sons are interested in Kailashnath's business. Kailashnath wants hat his sons should join business and earn a lots of money. But his sons want that Kailashnath should work and the sons should enjoy his wealth. Elder son Randhir wants to be an actor, he wants that Kailashnath should close his business and make a film. Second son Rajeev is only interested in exercising and body building, he wants that instead of opening factories Kailashnath should open gymkhanas and gymnasium. Third son Rishi want to be a singer and whole day long keeps singing songs.

These desires of his sons become a major problem for Kailashnath, he wants to get his sons on the right track and join him in business to get some sense of responsibility.

Apart from his problems, there is a bigger problem in Kailashnath's life, and that is his arrogant neighbour Kaushalya Devi.

Kaushalya Devi keeps picking up fights and arguments with Kailashnath on unnecessary and small matters.
Kaushalya Devi has three daughters and because her three daughters and Kailashnath's three sons have common interest, they fall in love.

Here the sons and daughters are enjoying their love life and busy romancing, there Kailashnath and Kaushalya Devi are busy with their regular arguments and fights, until one day the unexpected happens. Kaushalya Devi and Kailashnath fall in love. This love affair of Kailashnath and Kaushalya Devi comes as a big blow to the sons and the daughters, from here on new plans are made by the children to stop the romance of Kailashnath and Kaushalya Devi.

Will they succeed or will they fail.
This is what you will get to know in the film "IKKE PE IKKA".

[From the official press booklet]