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Honeymoon (1960)

  • Release Date1960
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Shanta and Prema are fast friends. Both are educated. Shanta is bold. Prema is timid and weak minded. After her father's death, Shanta has to come to stay with her auntie's son Sitaram, a head clerk in some office. Sitaram's second wife Kamla is orthodox type and doesn't like Shana's modern freedom. Prema's father is a rich man and he encourages his daughter to partake in social activities. His wife, who is also an orthodox, hates his freedom to young girls.

Kishore is a young painter, whose paintings are liked by no body. He is staying with Dindayal and his wife. Both treat Kishore as their younger brother. Dindayal and Sitaram work in the same office.

Shanta and Prema go to a cinema. The house is full. Kishore has two spare tickets which he sells to Shanta and Prema. Shanta and Kishore start liking each other. Shanta doesn't believe in modern romance and lovemakings. She is of the opinion that true love should be silently kept to one's heart. Prema differs with Shanta, and Kishore, respecting Shanta's views, remains loving her silently.

Shanta and Prema arrange a charity show. While selling tickets, Prema falls in love with a modern polished man Kailash, without caring to know his true character.

As luck would have it, Sitaram and Dindayal arrange between themselves the marriage of Shanta and Kishore. Before saying final yes, Shanta wants to judge Kishore's heart and refuses to marry at all, telling him that she used to love a youngman who is now dead and shows him a photograph of her dead lover.  Kishore with a heavy heart tells Dindayal that he being a poor painter without any income, cannot think of marrying at all. So Dindayal has to tell Sitaram that Kishore is a poor, jobless and not a match for Shanta. The talk of marriage is thus broken. Soon after Shanta is convinced that though poor, Kishore has true love in his heart. She is now ready to marry him, but her auntie and 'bhabhi' flatly refuse on the ground that Kishore is a third class painter without any income. Sitaram takes his sister's side and after playing a big drama, gets his mother and wife's acceptance.
Prema marries Kailash without her parents knowledge and goes to London for honeymoon.

Shanta and Kishore are happily married. Shanta is of the opinion that the small period of fortnight or a month after the marriage, is not honey-moon, but its for the whole of married life.

Kishore decides to give up painting work and to do something else to ern bread, but Shanta wishes him to continue his love for his art, and that being educated she can find some job and earn their livelihood. She is graduate, but without special training in any profession. She has to accept work at Rs. 2/8 per day in a factory. Lest her husband should feel hurt that she is doing menial work, to support him, Shanta tells a lie to Kishore that she had joined a girl's school to teach dancing. Kishore also tells Shana tells Shanta that, after all, his paintings have begun finding buyers. He is selling cheap, but he would be making Rs. 3/- a day. Both Shanta and Kishore are very happy that though they both are liars, they are truthful in love.

Prema has to come back alone, disgusted in Kailash and admits her mistake in judging her lover.

[From the official press booklet]