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Hercules (1964)

  • GenreAction, Adventure
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4228.50 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number42850
  • Certificate Date11/09/1964
  • Shooting LocationCentral Studios, Rooptara, Kamal Studios, Technicians United, Jyoti & Guru Dutt Studio

The real heir of Athens was deprived of his throne, and his son Jesson was living in hiding. He found a valiant champion in Hercules. When Hercules learnt the truth about Jesson from his mother he took a vow that he would out Jesson on the throne of Athens even at the cost of his life.

But his way was not paved with roses. He had to face and undergo superhuman difficulties before he could achieve his purpose.

Maliz the present King would not step down at his bidding. He tried to kill Jesson. And at his behest Jesson was thrown before a sevenheaded serpent. But Hercules spoiled his game by killing the serpent, and demanded the throne for Jesson. Maliz then made a bid to destroy Hercules.

Maliz and his henchman Subbaraw claimed another man to be Jesson and tried to put Hercules in false colours. Hercules had to accept the challenge. He was falsely advised by Gods, to bring “LALMANI” from Medusa so that the truth could be ascertained. Hercules left for Medusa. Maliz and Subbaraw arranged for the destruction of Hercules and Jesson in the way, but were saved by Helen, the daughter of Subbaraw, who had fallen in love with Hercules.

Surmounting all the difficulties, Hercules reached Medusa, killed her and snatched the “LALMANI”.

When he returned back, Maliz and Subbaraw took another line of attack. “LALMANI” was stolen from Hercules, and ears of his mother were poisoned, who turned against him. They tried to kill Jesson and blame of his murder was thrown on Hercules. Enraged mother helped the schemes in arresting Hercules as Jesson’s murderer. He was to die publicly.

But did they succeed in killing Hercules? Or Could Hercules prove his innocence and escape death? How did he fulfill his vow?

You will get the answer to these questions on the silver screen.


(From the official press booklet)