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Hafta Vasuli (1998)

  • Release Date1998
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time140 min
  • Length411.39 metres
  • Censor Certificate NumberCIL/7/72/98-M
  • Certificate Date31/12/97

Hafta Vasuli is a film based on the current situation of our society corruption in politics, the gangsters and our citizens who are their victims.

All the happenings are projected in a very light and entertaining manner with a lot of good music and high voltage action.

Rama is a son of police inspector Rajendra Chauhan, who is killed by gangster Tamancha Bihari because he was honest and stopping him from illegal activities.
Rama sees his mother going through a lot of hardships to bring him up.

Rama then becomes a police officer and decides to earn a lot of money by corruption to see his mother happy. Juswant Pandey is an honest Government Officer. He is incharge of demolishing squad to demolish all illegal constructions and slums giving shelter to criminals. This means direct conflict with gangster Tamanch Bihari.

Lotiram is a corrupt Minister entertaining Tamancha and becoming prosperous.

Durga is a Police Officer who falls in love with Jaswant Pandey while giving him security.

Radha is Rama's love and is the daughter of Minister Lotiram who does not approve of their relationship. Salim Student represents commonmen a part of innocent citizen.

Tamancha Bihari tries to acquire land in which innocent people like Salim Student and others stay. Salim approaches Rama for protection but Rama backs out, as he is Tamancha's man.

Eventually Salim becomes a convict in self defence. Rama's mother comes to know about Rama's corrupt activities and dies. Rama then decides to help Salim in court and Salim is proved innocent.

Meanwhile Minister Lotiram looses election and Eunuch Chayavati wins election with the help of Jaswant and Salim. Tamancha ditches Lotiram and tries to seek Chayavati's help but she denies him support. Lotiram feels left alone in this world and Jaswant helps him and suggest him to open out all Tamancha's and other ministers corrupt activities in court. While Lotiram is at the court door-step Tamancha kills Lotiram and his son ruthlessly in hair raising action scene.

When Jaswant comes to know that Tamancha is fleeing the city, he stops him and there is a big fight which includes even common men.

Tamancha is then taken to court, there the retaliates and all heroes together shoot him.

Finally, "All good force together fought the evil" Evil is KACHARA of our society which must be disposed off.

(From the official press booklets)