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Guest House (1959)

  • Release Date1959
  • GenreMystery
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time140 mins
  • Length4346.14 metres
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number28500
  • Shooting LocationPrakash Studios, Andheri

"TRUTH TRIUMPHS............." is a maximum that embodies the hoarded experience of many a wise generation. Through a truthful person achieves success in the end, yet with what constant laborious efforts and what hardships and stroms he has to face to accomplish it, has been satirically depicted in this film, treated more in a humourous vein than seriously.

Amar spent his childhood in the house of his uncle Girdharilal along with his widow mother. Amar had the habit of telling lies and Uncle's son Manohar indulged in stealing. Both joined hands to create havoc with the village folks. But uncle Girdharilal had misunderstanding. He would consider his own son as most honest whom Amar had been spoiling. One day, tired of their nefarious activities, his warth fell on his widow sister whom he ordered to quit the house for good.

It was a "bolt from the blue for Amar's mother who has none in this world but her only son, Amar. She had no alternative but to leave the house, and while she was packing her bag and baggage in such tension and excitement, she fell down from the stairs and her head was seriously wounded. No sooner did Amar see her mother lying unconscious in a pool of blood than he rushed towards village Hakim. Unfortunately, the Hakim had an experience of Amar's habit of telling lies and totally disbelieving him, the Hakim turned Amar away. In the mean while Amars mother breathed her last, and at the time of her death the handed over her mala to Amar from whom she also got soleman promise not to tell a lie in his life.

Days passed on Amar and Manohar grew into young med Amar kept on fulfilling his solemn promise of telling the truth at every step of his life but Manohar's habit of stealing became more intensified. At last, Manohar was arrested on the charge of theft. Amar whose honesty and truthfulness had by then spred to every nook and corner of the village, was enthusiastically approached by his uncle to give false evidence to get his own brother released from police custody. In spite of his uncle's repeated persuations, Amar reminded adamant and determined not to tell a lie at any cost, even at the risk of his every life. Manohar got six months imprisonment. The uncle outright turned Amar out of his house mercilessly.

Amar took a train for Bombay. As soon as he got down at the station, a thug by the name of Dharamraj met him. Very cleverly, this thug robbed Amar of his entire cash. The result was that Amar slept on footpath at night whatever other belongings he had, where also taken away by a thief.

It was in Bombay - India's most glamorous city-that Amar lost his entire money-he was robbed of his bag and baggage and eventually, his heart too. It was in quite strange circumstances that he happened to have his first meeting with one beautiful, educated girl, named Neela, the only daughter of Karamchand, the owner of a popular hotel "Guest House". Their incidental contact were not only full of "love and life" but also brought them nearer to each other. Neela simply adored his truthful nature. Amar would dream of becoming a great man by stiking to truth and nothing but the truth.

Manohar, who had by then, completed his six months' imprisonment came straight to Bombay. He had made up his mind to take revenge on Amar. Manohar had developed friendship with another criminal named Shamsher, during his stay in jail. Both of them had planned to hoodwink the public of Bombay after thair release. According to plan Shamsher spread the fame of Manohar in Bombay, as a big Jagirdar. This helped them to rob the people of Bombay right & left. But the main aim of Manohar was to cripple Amar in every way and Manohar's first step taken towards this end was to purchase over the motor garage in which Amar was working as an apprentice-mechanic. Manohar also had an eye on Neela and by clever manipulations, he made Seth Karamchand to agree to his proposal of his marriage with Neela.

While the betrothal ceremony was being celebrated in all its glory, entered Manohar's old father Girdharilal, who had been continuously searching for him since the former's release from jail. Manohar, on seeing his great position. He refused to recognise his own father and got him dragged out of that glaxy of aristocratic gathering.

After that what happened, you will see on the screen.

[From the official press booklet]



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