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Gramophone Singer (1938)

  • Release Date1938
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

In a quiet town near Bombay lived Sundardas, a singer by profession. His reputation had reached far beyond his native town, and his songs on Gramophone records were the craze among music lovers in every nook and corner of city, town and village alike. His young wife Mohani was very much devoted to him, and they loved each other. The innocent prattles of their boy-child added happiness to their peaceful home. He had a decent income and they were a contented ideal family. 
In a most luxurious apartment in the busy city of Bombay lived Tilotama, a songstress by profession. She was a Radio artiste of International reputation and had just returned to India after a Continental Tour. She was quite young and beautiful. She earned a lot and was happy and contented. 
Madan, her partner in singing, was also a close friend of hers. Madan loved Tilotama, and was quite a good chap, but according to Tilotama’s views, he did not come up to that standard of perfection, which she desired in her ideal lover. Madan however hoped to win over her heart someday. 
Tilotama was aware of the name and fame of Sundardas. She had once heard his songs and strange as anything, she had fallen in love with his voice. She had not seen him personally but had cherished a desire to see him and sing duets with him. She had confided her desires to her secretary Ramji. 
Sundardas had to come down to Bombay often for business. Whenever he came he used to stay with his friend Ghose Babu, who was proprietor of a Private Gramophone Company, Ramji was a constant visitor of Ghose Babu’s. On one occasion Sundardas came to Bombay to sing a duet with Manorama. Ramji took this opportunity to bring about a meeting between Tilotama and Sundardas, as arranged by Ghose Babu. 
Sundardas and Tilotama were introduced at a party given by Ghose Babu who wanted Tilotama to be one of the chief artists of his small company! And these two great exponents of Indian music met for the first time. Tilotama instantly fell in love with the person, with whose voice she had already fallen in love. Poor girl she did not know that Sundardas was a married man. 
The events that followed brought these two young hearts into closer contact. They were obliged to sing together and their duets met with universal applause. Public demanded that this partnership should never be broken. They then moved about together, played together, rode together, went to places together and finally went to Rampur, an ideal resort. By then their intimacy had got so thick that except the presence and company of the other, each had forgotten the entire outside world. Now at the ideal home of Sundardas in the town, Mohani, his devoted wife had become impatient, because her husband did not return from Bombay. Several weeks had passed and she did not even receive letters from him. Their child fell ill, and Mohani, could not bear the absence of her husband any longer. Wife’s anxiety for the whereabouts and welfare of the husband knew no bounds. She started to Bombay with her child and maid. At Bombay she learnt the shocking news that Sundardas had gone to Rampur with Tilotama. Accompanied by Ghose Babu, she went to Rampur only to learn from Tilotama that Sundardas had left Rampur also. 
But, by the way – where did Sunderdas go? Did not Tilotama know? Why did he go away? What were feelings of Tilotama when she was accused by Mohani of stealing her husband? And had she actually stolen him from Mohani? What were Sundardas’ feelings? Did he remember his wife and child? Was the young couple re-united? Who united them? All these are surprises for you, so watch on the screen. 

[from the official press booklet]