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Grahasti (1948)

  • Release Date1948
  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationEastern Studios

Just as the mirror reflects the true immage, the story of "GRAHASTI" depicts every day true-to-life incidents with true-to-life characters.

While seeing this picture you are sure to ask these question to yourself........ "Is this not my own reflection with all my blemishes and goodness? ..... Sure they are my problems at one time or other. 

My Home is my castle - I can make a heaven or a hell out of it, only if I know how to manage it.

Is lot of money the only keystone of happiness or can life be worth living if I ... within my income-no matter what my income is.

Can one be a good mother, a good wife or a husband if one does not know sacrifice of personal pleasure and home economy devoid of false show.

These and many other problems will touch your heart if you are one of these characters in this picture........ You may be Geeta the emblem of Grahasti who saves two families from ruins by her wisdom and integrity, or Mohana the thoughtless woman who squanders her husband's hard earned money for personal pleasures little earning for the consequences. Sure if you are not Geeta or Mohana you must be the unfortune Mother Shanta who rears her son Kamal through hardship only to be snatched away from her in her needy days by her daughter-in-law Mohana and be left in drudgery in her old age. He son Kamal was in no way happy due to his wife Mohana's squandering habits which entangled him in financial troubles leaving him to lose his job and face the charge of theft.

Lucky for you and others if you are Kamal but then you are Sunder tha fortunate husband of Geeta, a striving Insurance Agent who is happy-go-lucky, a real neighbour and a true friend to possess. But no body wishes and if you are, should try not to be Mr. Mufatlal "nouveau richi" through illgotton means, a self styled man who makes life a comedy for others and a tragedy for himself; realising only in ... end that such "come easy money" also becomes "go easy money."

Mrs. Mufatlal (Jumna)  a damsel in actress whose husband talks, eats, drinks and walks in English manner only while she knows not a word of English. Though illiterate, on learning a few lessons of "Grahasti" under the guidance of Geeta she comes to her husband's rescue by truly presenting her Home Saving Fund.

Kamal and Sharda whom fate brings together, separates and reunites them true to the sayings "The path of true love never runs smooth."

Whosoever you are, in whatever walk of life you may be, this is surely your story. Find yourself in it. Be not like Mufatla or Mohana who bring suffering to others by their misdeeds but be like Geeta or Jumma bring joy, comfort and security to your "Home Sweet Home".

[From the official press booklet]



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