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  • Release Date1962
  • GenreCrime, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, Asha Studios, Kardar STudios

At the foot of the hills lays a huge timber state owned by Kanwar Mahinder Singh. Once upon a time this was a paradise for the labourers-but since Sher Singh had taken charge as the manager, he brought terror in the lives of the poor wood-cutters. Gangu was one of the lot, a six footer giant to look at but very kind hearted-Shersingh was ever nursing a grudge against Gangu and was looking for an opportunity to take his revenge. It happened. He involved Gangu in the murder of Mahinder Singh in a well planned way - and innocent was sentenced for 14 years R.I. Shersingh not content with this much went a step further. Bindu, Gangu's pregnant wife was his next target- She with all the insults was thrown out of the village in this delicate condition of hers-Even God had no pity for her-Rain, Storm & Lightening-Bindu the lonely soul in this havoc with a little son-Gangu broke the cells of the prison and escaped to see his sick wife- But destiny landed him into the gang of decoits and before long Gangu was a top decoit taking his revenge from the society which had treated him so cruely. 

Bindu on the other end was toiling hard to bring up her little one- And one day while working at a constructions, she lost her baby-the child had crawled  to the main Road and was picked up by the Car of Raibahadur Badridas. Since the death of Mahinder Singh, only son; Raibahadur was a lost person- This small child once again brought light into his life- Nature took its course. Bindu was serving in Rai Bahadur's house as a maid servant and bringing up her son-

Time passed- Suraj was this day returning from Scotland yard after completing his studies- For Rai Bahadur and Bindu in particular, this was a great day- On his arrival Suraj got his first posting as the Chief officer in the same decoit infested area where Gangu had created a reign of terror- Gangu with his adopted daughter Chand was living under the false name of Seth Rangoon Walla, a big business magnet.

Suraj on his entering this territory came in clash with Chand who with her other girl friends was going out for a picnic. This one meeting had brought many more meetings afterwards and through Chand Suraj came in contact with Gangu, known as Seth Rangoon Wala.

Now it was clash between the police officer and the decoit-the Father and the Son...

[From the official press booklet]



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