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Do Posti (1981)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time127 mins
  • Length3476.34 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-98226- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date24/08/1981

There are two drug addicts, Makhan (I. S. Johar) and Lakhan (Rajendra Nath). They are good for nothing and take pleasure in having fun by consuming alcohol, ganja and charas etc. They are better known as ‘Do Posti’ in the entire village. They are also instrumental in polluting the village atmosphere by converting simple youth into drug addicts. In order to purchase their quota of intoxicants, they indulge in theft and snatching activities as well. While stealing the belongings of a passerby, they are finally caught by the village Chowkidar (Ved Goswami) after a long chase. They are produced before the panchayat and the Sarpanch (Chaman Puri) orders them to be expelled from the village as the entire village is fed up with them. 

Do Posti then shifts to another village where they learn the art of hypnotic solutions from Baba Titar (Bhagwan Dada). They happen to meet a notorious character Ratan Lal (Roopesh Kumar) and become friends with him over drinking sessions. A new doctor Anil (Anil Dhawan) gets posted to this village. When he arrives at the hospital, he finds that the hospital compounder Beli Ram (Mehar Mittal) is not attending to the patients but is busy romancing his girlfriend (Kanchan Mattu). The village Lambardar Chaudhary (Nazir Hussain) invites Dr. Anil for dinner to his house. Dr. Anil gets introduced to Chaudhary’s only daughter Billo (Jayshree T.). Soon the two young hearts start beating in tandem as the love bug has bitten them at first sight. One day Billo gets severe stomach pain and is diagnosed with appendicitis. She is operated successfully by Dr. Anil. Her parents express their gratitude by betrothing Billo to Dr. Anil.

Meanwhile, a lady doctor Dr. Komal (Komila Wirk) joins the village hospital. Dr. Anil goes on tour with Dr. Komal for three days. Billo gets upset finding Dr. Anil and Dr. Komal very close to each other. Ratan Lal, who nurses bad intentions towards the village girl, manipulates to show lewd photos of Dr. Anil and Dr. Komal to Billo’s parents. Billo and her parents get disturbed with this development. Chaudhary goes to the hospital and blames Dr. Anil for committing fraud. He snaps ties with Dr. Anil. Dr. Anil tries to explain his true love for Billo but they are not prepared to listen to his pleadings. The true lovers get separated. Billo tries to commit suicide by jumping into the river. She is saved by her father and is operated on by Dr. Komal. 

Ratan’s sister Manorama approaches Billo’s parents with her brother’s marriage proposal. They decide to marry Billo to Ratan Lal. However, Ratan is a rogue and cannot quit his bad habits. His stooges Do Posti call Dr. Komal to Ratan’s house on the pretext of him being seriously ill. Ratan tries to rape the lady doctor Komal but the loyal and faithful dog Tiger comes to her rescue, releasing her from the clutches of Ratan Lal. Do Posti now realise their foolishness and beg forgiveness from Dr. Komal.  
On the wedding day, Billo tries to consume poison but her mother prevents her from committing suicide. Before the marriage rituals, Billo is kidnapped by the goondas. She is saved by Do Posti and the dog, Tiger. Ratan is punished for his evil doings.