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Dance Dance (1987)

  • Release Date1987
  • GenreAction, Drama, Musical
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time157 mins
  • Number of Reels21
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number9151
  • Certificate Date19/05/197
  • Shooting LocationEssel Studios, Film City, Filmistan, Kamalistan

Sita was an aspiring singer and her husband Shyam a struggling music Director. They got their maiden contract to perform at Jalpaiguri. It is a dream come true, so they leave their children, Ramu who is ill, and Radha his elder, at their rented shabby hut.
Later, one day Radha & Ramu are informed of their parents’ death in an accident by the cruel landlord who throws them out. The over caring Radha one day tells Ramu what she’s discovered “If you want to live, and eat what you like, then you have to DANCE DANCE”.

They grow up, performing at small parties, Radha always ambitious of making her brother a dancing star. She promotes him, and finally, by daring maneuvers and with the help of Mrs. Arora, the widow of a Music Magnate, Ramu becomes Romeo - a Star!

Resham the drummer of the troupe was always interested in easy money, so he lures Radha into marrying him; all this against’ wishes.

Resham falls into the plan of Raja Bahadur A.  M. Singh who is a music maniac, when he offers him loads of money. All Resham has to do is to ill-treat his wife Radha, such that Romeo’s emotionally disturbed. All this because Romeo’s popularity is coming in the way of A. M. Singh’s Musical Company's existence.

A. M. Singh’s plan reaps fruits because Romeo loves his sister too much. Disturbed, he even walks into one of his shows drunk! Soon he loses popularity. He even comes to estranged relations with his lady love Janita, whom he had met at a pub and then made her his dancing partner.

Romeo becomes an emotional wreck, the worst comes when Resham hits his pregnant sister Radha so hard in the stomach, that she succumbs to her injuries.

Romeo teaches Resham a lesson, but his sister’s ambition haunts him. She wanted him to be a star and he had lost all his glory.
Janita is performing a show at Jalpaiguri in Radha’s memory and she persuades him into joining her.

But A. M.  Singh has been excited by Janita’s voice, just as he was by Romeo’s mother Sita. He attempts to kidnap her, but it’s foiled by Sita who is still alive, hiding in the jungles of A. M.’s Estate, waiting for a day when she would avenge.

Janita brings Sita to the makeup room. When Romeo arrives and sees. He at once recognizes her and the mother & son meet after ages. Sita tells Romeo all about A. M.’s cruelty.

A. M. never wanting to give up, comes to attack the show, and kidnaps Janita. Is A.M. successful in lifting Janita?
Or, is Romeo successful in bringing A.M. to his mother’s feet so that he should ask for forgiveness?

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[from the official press booklet]