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Chhoo Mantar (1956)

  • Release Date1956
  • GenreComedy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time135 mins
  • Length4002.32 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number16250
  • Certificate Date09/05/1956
  • Shooting LocationShree Sound Studios

Baijnath popularly known as Baiju is a happy go lucky youth of Vasantpur village. He is good hearted and noble: but the whole village of Vasantpur, and the majority of neigbouring villagers are furious about his singing love songs which, like magic, attract their young and beautiful maidens. One day the village panchayat expels him out of the village. He travels through mountains and jungles singing his favourite song. On reaching Daulatpur, a district state, he falls in love with Rajkumari Ratna, the daughter of Raja Sahib.

Baiju sits under a tree outside the palace and looks persistently at Rajkumar’s window and sings a love song. Ratna is ignorant of the fact that her very first look had pierced the heart of a poor traveller.

News reaches Raja Sahib resulting in the Royal fury. Baiju is beaten several times by Raja Sahib’s men and driven out but he returns in the morning with the love songs in his lips. Thus he wins the sympathy of Rajkumari and her sympathy develops into love for Baiju.

Seeing no way out Raja Sahib issues an order that Baiju be put in a bag and thrown in the river. The orders are carried out. Dhamu chacha, the fisherman, whose life had been saved by Baiju on his way to Daulatpur, saves his life with the help of his daughter Sanvli. Baiju becomes a member of Dhamu Chacha’s family. Sanvli treats Baiju as her own brother. Sanvli is in love with Manohar, the son of a lordly Zamindar. Manohar also loves her. But here again the serpent of Social barrier crops up its head, there is no hope of their perpetual union.

Rajkumari Ratna suffers the pangs of love for Baiju and falls ill. Royal physicians prescribe immediate marriage and through the cunnings of the Dewan Sahib wedding is arranged between Ratna and Manohar who is opposed to the idea but finally yields to the threats of his father.

Both Baiju and Sanvli are heart broken. When the marriage procession of Manohar is proceeding towards the palace of Raja Sahib, both of them join it as laborers and enter into the palace.

Through many hilarious adventures Sanvli changes places as the bride with Rajkumari who elopes with Baiju. But during the marriage ceremony Sanvli is recognized and exposed. Search for Rajkumari and the kidnapper is launched with vengeance. Baiju is brought before the Raja Sahib. His arguments on love are hilarious. Raja Sahib is a man of justice. He is convinced by the arguments of Baiju and agrees to his marriage with Rajkumari provided he earns a sum of Rs 15,00,000/- in three month time or to return, if he is brave enough, to be hanged on the gallows.

Baiu accepts the challenge. Thus he imposes upon himself the impossible task of bring Rs 15,00,000/- to win the Rajkumari for himself and Manohar for Sanvli and the death penalty if he fails.

Both Baiju and Sanvli set out in the wide world to fulfill their mission. Passing through many adventures they reach Bombay but are unable to achieve success inspite of many toils. Time passes on. When only ten days are left with only Rs 5,000/- in their possession, Sanvli is kidnapped by unknown persons. Baiju’s golden palace of hope crashes down to earth.

Will he be able to rescue Sanvli?
Will he collect a huge sum of Rs 15,00,000/- ?
Will he reach Daulatpur in time to save the lives of four young lovers?

Please seek an answer to these questions on the silver screen and remember that JOHNNY WALKER IS PLAYING THE ROLE OF BAIJU.


(From the official press booklet)



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