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Banjarin (1960)

  • Release Date1960
  • GenreFantasy, Musical
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time129 mins
  • Length3524.09 metres
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-30248-MUM
  • Certificate Date26/07/1960
  • Shooting LocationBasant Studios, Shreekant Studios, Chandivali Studios, Baroda Municipality Garden, Baroda Laxmi Vilas Palace

After the death of LAKHA, the nomads Chief, the villagers elected Hazari as their new Lakha. At the time the coronation ceremony took place, a nomad girl, Madhu was entrusted to perform the tilk to the new Chief. Madhu was beautiful, and charming. Lakha fell in love with her.

One day a gang of dacoits raided the village and tried to abduct Madhu, but a young man from another neighbouring village foiled his attempts and saved Madhu. Ramesh the young man got injured seriously and was looked after by Madhu. They began to love each other. But it was a shock for the new chief Lakha. Being desparate he turned to villainy and induced Rehman, and old nomad of the village, who after the death of Madhu's father brought her up as his own daughter. Rehman took their affair very seriously and turned Ramesh out of his home.

Frustrated and desparate Ramesh left the village. All the drams of Madhu were shattered.

Lakha satisfied with his success in collaboration with his friend ThunThun, tried his best to win her love. But, he failed miserably.

To the horror of the villagers, a very ferocious flood devastated the village. The villagers completely lost every thing left village and reached that very town where Ramesh was living with a girl Bina.

Old Rehman in search of food got injured seriously. He was on the death bed. It was a problem for innocent village belle Madhu to manage for Rehman's treatment. At last she made up her mind to give dance and song performances on the road and the streets. One day, by sheer change, Ramesh caught a glimse of her while she was dancing. Ramesh left Bina crying for love.

Rehman died, Madhu had none to look after. Taking advantage of the situation Lakha continued his efforts but could not succeed. In the meantime, with the consent of Ramesh, Madhu fled from her house. On the way Ramesh and Madhu were taken over by Lakah. Lakha threw Ramesh into the river. Madhu cried and lost all hope.

Lakha took Madhu away in the den of Joseph Yahudhi (Jew). Bina's father Chhotelal was Joseph's ally. Joseph and Chhotelal differed on the point of Madhu. Lakha and Chhotelal resembled like twin brothers. Joseph took Chhotelal into his custody by the help of his goodness and made Lakha the proprietor of Joseph's property and business. Madhu was placed in a very dangerous position.

Does Lakha succeed in winning Madhu's love?
What happened to Ramesh?
Has Bina succeeded in her love?

Answers to all the querries could be found in the picture 'Banjarin; made under the banner of Rattan Pictures.