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Baap (1946)

  • Release Date1946
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Dr. Vishwa Nath, a popular and prominent due to his social services lived with his wife Sarojini and son Kedar. Kedar was very mischevious both at home and school. 

Sarojini promises her dying husband that she would do her utmost to make Kedar a man like him. Head Master on his part advises Kedar to be wise and imbibe his father's virtues. 

Kedar finding his mother praying before his father's photo, promises and assures mother about good behaviour. 

Due to hard study Kedar happens to be attacked by fever at the time of examination. This makes mother more worried as she is penniless. 

Sarojini seeks for help of labour but dissappointment everywhere awaits her. Her laxurior neighbour Laxmi (wife of a Rai Bahadur) in vainity asks her to beg in streets. Sarojini prays to God for blessings and blessings she gets. Her son Kedar recovers passes the examination and joins college. Rai Bahadur's daughter Kanwal and Kedar in their childhood come in close contact and pass innocent life. Contrast always rules between the rich and the poor, when they attain youth bone in the flesh appear in the person of Ramesh who was endowed with equal financial status to Rai Bahadur. 

Rai Bahadur makes up his mind to marry Kanwal to Ramesh. So Kedar feeling himself insulted, leaves his home. He then solely applies himself to studies obtains high degree and becomes a House Surgeon in the Hospital. 

On the other side by the irony of fate Rai Bahadur's wealth welfare diminish. He is seriously ill even unable to avail money for his treatment. 

Then Kedar Act. 

How? Screen Reveals.

[from the official press booklet]