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Anokha Insaan (1986)

  • Release Date1986
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberA-614-MUM
  • Certificate Date25/09/1986
  • Shooting LocationEssel Studios, Filmalaya Studios, Chandivali Studios, Film City, Ghaziabad Locations

Anokha Insaan- a story of a simple hearted youth named Bharat who is a coward an well enough courageous too. The one who is a well wisher and sympathiser of the poor and helpers peasants of his village. The one who wanted to show them a new path of revolution byemancipating them from the clutches of ruthless landlord (Kunwar), foxing social reformer (Dharmdass) and henchmen (Jaggu).

Anokha Insaan- a story of a Military offcer (Iqbal) who lost his one arm for the country sacrificed his life for the village.

Anokha Insaan- a story of a young Doctor (Sheetal) who abandoned his simple, devoted and faithful wife (Karuna) and got lured and seduced by a sexy and carefree English blonde (Rosy). Later betrayed and dejected by her (Rosy) realised his mistake.

Anokha Insaan- a story of an impish Nymphat (Sapna) who was in ethical love with Bharat and was ever ready to sacrifice everything for the Bharat and village.

Anokha Insaan- a story of a sister (Karuna), for whom the service was a paramount religious duty, be it e f the husband, mother-in-law or brothers and villagers.

Anokha Insaan- a story of a wanton sex-starved landlord (Kunwar) who died of his own death when on night for his sex appetite his only daughter (Sapna) was presented before him in a bridal attire.

Anokha Insaan- a story of Champa and other innocent virgins who were victimised and made scapegoats at the alter of sex-wolf landlord.

Anokha Insaan- a story of the burning problems of the contemporary society and country by which every citizen is affected.

Anokha Insaan- a story of 'ANOKHEY INSAANS' of the day - Memorable, Musical, Super Hit movie of RAJ ARYA FILMS. Don't forget to see it.