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Anmol Ghadi (1946)

  • Release Date18/04/1946
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time121 mins
  • Length10990 feet
  • Number of Reels17
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number161
  • Certificate Date19/06/1946
  • Shooting LocationCentral Studios, Tardeo, Bombay

In a small town of Jahanabad, two young innocent souls Lata and Chandra–lived and enjoyed their childhood. One, an Officer's daughter, and the other the only son of a widowed mother. Fate did not spare even these young ones and circumstance forced them to part.

Lata's father was a transferred to Bombay to continue his official duties. She had to bid god-bye to her playmate Chandra. The parting was very miserable for both. She presented him with a watch which was given to her by her father, and he ran home to get a souvenir for her. Lata had to go away before he could return as it was already getting late.

Time moved on and both bloomed to youth. Lata was now a success as a writer under the pen-name of Renu. Chandra took to music. Old memories could not be effected and although miles apart, both thought of each other.

Renu's works appealed strongly to Chandra as he found his own feelings and sentiments in her writings, although he could never imagine that Renu was none else than Lata.

Prakash and old friend of Chandra, was well-to-do young man who had settled in Bombay. He once visited Chandra and did not like his friend and his mother to continue living under such grim poverty. He successfully persuaded them to accompany him to Bombay where he could help them to settle down. He helped Chandra to open a shop of musical instruments.

Lata who too was in Bombay, had a friend Basanti who was fond of music and had occasions to visit Chandra's show-room. Basanti developed a liking for Chandra who could never understand this as he lived in his own dream-land and though only of Lata.

Lata's writings under the name of Renu thrilled and inspired Chandra and created in him a desire to meet her. He wrote to her. She took it just as one of the fan-mails, but Basanti forced her out of sheer mischief to meet this admirer. The meeting which was fixed in one of the public parks could not materialize as they were not the only people there, although each had a passing glance of the other, and felt strong recollections of the past.

Chandra in his excitement hurried away when his watch fell down which Basanti, who knew him well, picked up in the hope of getting one more opportunity to see him. She showed the watch to Lata, and talked of her love for its owner without the slightest idea that her friend was also secretly pining for the same man. Late recognized the watch, and the days of childhood once again came back to her, but she kept her lips sealed.

What happened then? What do you think would be the most fitting climax in the lives of Lata and Chandra, whom fate had torn as under, along with Basanti Prakash and others.  You will find your art's desire in "ANMOL GHADI".



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