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Alakh Niranjan (1975)

  • Release Date1975
  • GenreMythological
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time116 min
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number77752
  • Certificate Date12/09/1975
  • Shooting LocationVahini, Vasu
Pride is the basic reason for downfall of man.
Lord Mahavishnu in the shape of Jaganmohini deceived the Danavas and distributed Amrith to the Devathas. Shankar heard the news through Narada and then  criticized Mahavishnu for being partial to the Devathas. A discussion of woman’s beauty and man god’s weakness for the same followed and Shankar claimed to be above all that.
In the forest a most enchanting girl is being molested in the hands of some rogues. She cries in the name of Shankar for help. Shankar rescues her. But he is bewitched by her beauty after seeing her and requests her to marry him. Mahavishnu, is in the shape of Mohini laughs at his lust. Shankar finds that it was a trick of Sree Mahavishnu and swears vengeance.
For having deceived the Danavas and having created lust in Lord Shankar, through the help of the female form. Lakshmi Devi says that the power of women is greater than that of man. Mahavishnu takes birth as a “yogi” under the guise of Machindra renouncing the material aspects of the world. Now Shankar takes birth as Goraknath and becomes his disciple. They both propagate a new way to salvation with the mantra of “Alakh Niranjan”.
Lakshmi takes the avtar of Maharani of ‘Kamarup’ empire under the name of Tilothama and she hates man. She creates a kingdom and makes all the males of the kingdom as slaves to women. On hearing this news Machindra enters Kamrup. She gives all kinds of troubles to Machindra. All the troubles become useless in the presence of his powers. She falls in love with him and binds him with her love. Machindra accepts her as his wife. They both give birth to a son by name Meenanath.
On coming to know that Guru has become a victim of a woman. Goraknath starts to bring him back to ascetic life. After crossing all the hurdles Gorak in the guise of a women enters the royal Durbar of Tilothama. He appeals to Machindra to come away from that place. Machindra accepts, Rani requests Gorak not to spoil his happy family life. He refuses. He is arrested and put in prison. But on the way he is caught by the Commander-in-chief. Rani passes orders to hang him. Gorak is raised his ‘Chimta’ to turn the whole kingdom into ashes. Machindra pacifies Gorak and prepares to go along with him. Rani requests him to be with her at least upto Deepavali. Gorak accepts.
Then what happened? Did Tilothama-Devi succeed in proving that woman is greater than man? Where did Gorak’s pride take him? What message did Machindra give to the world for salvation? We extend our cordial invitation to you to see the glorious answers to these questions on the glorious screen.
(From the official press booklet)