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King Kong (1962)

  • LanguageHindi

It was the tradition of king Hingoo that the strongest man in his Kingdom was always bestowed upon with the title of "King Kong". Once the King summoned "King Kong" to kill a wild animal who created havoc in his Kingdom. But when the King and his party reached the spot where the animal was reported to be, he was surprised to know that it had already been killed by another young man who claimed himself the title of King Kong. A duel therefore was arranged between the King Kong and the claimant. The young stranger defeated the King Kong and was to be ceremoniously conferred upon with the coveted title. Thus he was invited by the King to grace his palace for the occasion. Where soon the king learned that the honoured hero was none else but the son of the former ruler whom he had murdered to capture the throne. He therefore ordered his guards to capture him.

After many futile attempts the youngman was made unconscious and helpless by an unfair means and was chained, but when he gained his senses he broke through his bondages and started bringing the whole palace down which created chaos and commotions.

Whether King Kong succeeded in making the King bow down before him and recover his dead father's throne back of not should be seen on the Screen.

(From the official press booklets)