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Aage Ki Soch (1988)

  • Release Date22/04/1988
  • GenreComedy
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time130 minutes
  • Length3659.66 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Censor Certificate NumberUA-496-MUM
  • Certificate Date14/04/1988
  • Shooting LocationAnnapurna Studios, Hyderabad, D.K Studios-(INGAVALI) Pune Filmstan, ESSEL, Aarey Colony-Bombay

GANPAT is an innocent and lovable character of a tiny village. His sources of earning is only his bullock-cart. Villagers use to hire his cart for transporting goods. Ganpat has bad habit of sleeping underneath the cart while transporting goods. Naughty children use to take advantage of it and do away with goods. Ganpat gets firing both from mother and customers. Chief of the village GULABRAO is a vicious character, always have an eye on young women of village.

Once SAPNA and her friends comes to village for Picnic. Their car gets into problem and Ganpat helps them with his cart to bring them to circuit house. Ganpat becomes their guide and tells amazing stories about history of village and villagers. Sapna and her friends laugh to their guts out. They enjoy village life for four-five days and start for their home. Ganpat totally misunderstands lovable attitude of Sapna towards him and starts loving her in his conscious.

After a month or so Sapna again appears in the village but this time she is not alone, her husband SHAKTI also with her. Ganpat get shock of his life when he sees married Sapna.

Due to poorty, mother sends Ganpat with Sapna, so that he can earn some thing very reluctantly. Ganpat goes with Sapna to Bombay.
He stays in Sapna's house as a Servant. One night he comes to know that, Shakti is a bad man involve in smuggling activities, and he will not even Sapna if she objects indirectly he tries to tell Sapna about the fact but Shakti slaps her and tells him to mind his own business. But one fine morning Sapna catches Shakti red handed. Shakti admits that fact and ask Sapna to keep her mouth shut.

Once, Sapna meets her old friend Rekha, who tell her true stores of Shakti and discloses that Shakti is the same man who has ruined her life. Sapna hesitates to believe but Ganpat shows her photographs. She confirms with Shakti in a big quarrel. To teach her a lesson Shakti brings her lady secretary home and gives mental torture to Sapna. One he tries to drive out Sapna from the house. To his surprise Ganpat's mother arrives and saves Sapna. She scolds Shakti for his behaviour. In a hot exchange Sapna throws away MANGALSUTRA. Shakti calls her prostitute.

Mother orders Ganpat to tie the same Mangalsutra by his own hands in the neck of Sapna. Ganpat who is completely spellbound by the situation, acts accordingly. Mother calls Sapna her daughter-in-law, and orders her to come along.

SHAKTI gets wild and tries to kill Sapna but get killed Rakha, who appears there at the right time.
Mother-Sapna & Ganpat go to their village.

(From the official press booklets)