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Manju Dey

  • Born: 7 May, 1926 (Berhampore)
  • Died: 30 September, 1989
  • Primary Cinema: Bengali
  • Parents: Amarendranath Mitra

Remembered for her roles in Ajoy Kar's classic mystery thriller Jighansha (1951) and Hemen Gupta's Biyalish (1951), Manju Dey was an actress, director, producer, screenwriter and playback singer. 

Born on 7 May, 1926 in Berhampore, she began her studies in Berhampore Girls School before moving on to Rajendra College in Patna and Ashutosh College in Kolkata. She made her debut in Sushil Majumdar's Sipahi Ki Sapna (1948). She made her debut in Bengali cinema with Niyoti (1951). Her performances in Jighansha and Biyalish earned plaudits, establishing her as an actress. She also acted in Bou Thakuranir Haat (1953), Grihapravesh (1954), Bhakta Bilwamangal (1954), Tapan Sinha's Kabuliwala (1957) and Upahar (1955), Neel Akasher Nichey (1957) and Carey Saheber Munshi (1961). Her performance in Carey Saheber Munshi won her the BFJA Award for Best Supporting Actress. 

Apart from acting, she also became a director and prouducer. She directed films like Swarga Hote Biday (1964), Abhishapta Chambal (1964) and Shajarur Kanta (1974), all of them literary adaptations. She also produced Abhishapta Chambal and Shajarur Kanta. As a playback singer she sang in Ramdhakka (1966). She led an eventful life - participating in a car race in 1959. She also represented India in the 1962 Jakarta International Film Festival. In the later part of her life, she retired to Pondicherry.

The veteran actress passed away on 30 September, 1989.                                


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