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Active onscreen from the silent era to the end of the 1940s, Inamdar is known for acting mainly in lead as well as supporting roles in films such as Mrignaini (1929), Jai Hanuman (1948) and Bhedi Bungla (1949). He mainly worked with Chandulal Shah’s Ranjit Film Company.

Among the earliest films he acted in, was Mrignaini/ Divine Dowry in 1929. This social genre film directed by Nanubhai Vakil saw him co-star alongside Putli and Manilal. The film was produced by Ranjit Film Company. Written by Kavi Vairati, it had cinematography by Jamnadas Subhedar

The same year, he acted in Shree Jagdish Film Company’s Kumud Kumari (1929), directed by N Vakil, and R N Vaidya. The cast comprised Shanta Kumari, R N Vaidya, Dabir, Baba Vyas, Putli and Manilal.  

In 1930, he starred in no less than four films. These include Ranjit Film Company’s Glory of India/ Noor-e-Watan. A historical directed by Jayant Desai, it also featured Sultana, Thatte, Manilal, Baba Vyas and Shanti. The film used many pioneering elements of cinema to shed light on the special highlights of the country.

The same year, he acted in Desh Dipak (1930), directed by Nanubhai Vakil. He led the cast that also comprised Manilal, Damyanti, Thatte, and Putli. This Ranjit Film Company production bore the alternative title The Patriot.

Sheikhchalli (1930) saw him star in this Nanubhai Vakil-directed comedy genre film whose cast included Shanta Kumari and Ishwarlal.

He starred alongside Putli and Thatte in the 1930 release Sorathi Baharvatiyo. Produced by Ranjit Film Company, it was directed by Nanubhai Vakil

The Jayant Desai directorial Katil Katari/ The Knife (1931) saw him star alongside Shanta Kumari in this Shree Krishna Film Company of Bombay production. The cast included Thatte, Ishwarlal and Manilal. The film was written by Niranjan Pal.

He starred opposite Padmadevi in Jayant Pictures’ Hindi Kesari (1932), directed by Homi Master and written by G Mohanlal Dave

In 1932, he acted in Vanarsena/ Jay Bajrang directed by Homi Master and written by G Mohanlal Dave. He starred alongside Vasantrao Pehalwan, who played Hanuman, and Padma, in this Jayant Pictures’ production.

The musical Jai Hanuman (1948) saw him feature in the Ramchandra Thakur directorial in a cast comprising Nirupa Roy, P Kailash, Ram Kumar, S N Tripathi, and Pesi Patel. The mythological genre Hindi film was produced by Ranjit Movies.

The following year, he played a supporting role in the comedy horror film Bhedi Bungla/ House of Mystery (1949) directed by Bhagwan Palav. This Jagriti Pictures’ film had a cast comprising Bhagwan Palav, Baburao Pahelwan, Leela Gupte, Usha Shukla, Azim, Tarabai, Shanker Mirajkar, and K K Swamy.


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