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C Alvares

  • Born: 1 August, 1920 (..)
  • Died: 28 February, 1999
  • Primary Cinema: Konkani

C. Alvares, often called the King of Duets, has mesmerised both theatre and film audiences with his singing and acting prowess. In his 60 years long theatre career, he has written and directed 107 dramas, as well as acting in others’ plays.  

At the tender age of seven he acted in his father’s drama where he sang a comedy song composed by his cousin Champion Alvares. When he was eighteen years old, he acted in his cousin’s drama Bhattkar Goencho, Kuzner Bomboicho (Landlord from Goa, Cook from Bombay) where he sang five songs. Veteran dramatists such as J.P.Souzalin, Aleixinho de Candolim, Joao Agostinho (Pai Tiatrist) spotted his talent. At the age of twenty he was a member of the  Hula Boys Dramatic Company and staging his first drama  Atam Zanvoim Tuzo Hanv (Now I am your son-in-aw) for which he composed all the twenty five songs. He has been called the ‘Evergreen hero of the Konkani stage’. 

Some of his notable plays are: Duddvankar Zatoloi, (Will turn into a millionaire), Dison Bhero Aikon Kudd’ddo (Looks deaf, Blind to hear), Xezari Kombo (Neighbor’s cock), Goencho Mog (Love for Goa), Ken’na Udetolo to dis? (When will the day dawn?), Axea (desire), Dr. Simon, Honrad Goenkar (Honourable Goans), Ghorache Vantte (Partition of the house), Tujem Durig Mhojea Bhattant (Your fence is in my property), Konnem Lailo Uzo? (Who lit the fire?), Atancheo Suno (Present daughter-in-laws), Patki Nhoi Ghatki (Sinner but not traitor), Mazor Cat Zalem (Cat turned into cat), Ankvar vo Kazari (Bachelor or married), Adim ani atam (Earlier and at present), Char vostunchi dukh (Pain of four things), Bim toxem Bhat (So the seed, so is the rice grain), Bail de Tarvotti (Seafarer’s wife), and Jurament (Vow). He has introduced many novels in his dramas and people proudly reminisce the airport scene in his Goencho Mog (Love for Goa) and the operation scene in Dr.Simon.

Some of his famous songs include Tarvar Vetam (Boarding the ship), Kumpar (Godfather), San Juanv (St John), Bhavachem Ghor (Brother’s house), Axirvad zavo (Need blessing), Bhikunn khata (Bugs bite), Bolanchem Vojem (Load of sweets), Dotor ani Kuzner (Doctor and the cook), Figur haddlam Putan (Son has brought a figure), Ghovachem Ghor (Husband’s house), Kunhead Mevnno (Brother in Law), Mai Paicho Kaido (Parent’s rule), Paichi Girestkai (Father’s riches), Puran Polli (Sweet flat bread), and Pettoi Dive (Light lamps).

Besides dramas he has contributed to Konkani films. He played the lead in Amchem Noxib (1963). For this film he composed the songs - Sontos Bhogta (Feel joyful), Mollbailo Dov (Dew from the heaven) and Beknnaita Pai (Father frightens).

He also plays the main part in Nirmon/Destiny (1966) opposite Shalini Mhadolkar where he played the role of Marcos the maestro. For this film he has composed Upkar Korat (Do a favour), Claudia, Nach Atanche (Present dances), Nhid Mhojea Bai (Sleep my baby) which have become very popular. For this film he was bestowed the Certificate of Merit by Central Government which is the first of its kind for a Konkani film. He also presided over the casting of both films. He has also acted in Mhoji Ghorkan/My wife (1969) and has composed the songs Ek Eksuro Bhurgo (A Loner), Fuddaracho divo (Light of the future), Karnavalacho Dis (Carnival day), Zanvchem Nhoi Doxim (Shall not separate) and Happy Birthday. He is also the hero of Konkani’s first colour movie Bhuianrantlo Monis (Caveman) where he plays the lead role. He also produced a telefilm in 1991 entitled Faxi Mogachi (Noose of Love).


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