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Ajit Ganguly

  • Born: 1921 (Chuchura)
  • Died: 1984
  • Primary Cinema: Bengali

Known for directing films like Mukhujey Paribar (1965), Baluchari (1968), Dadu (1969), Natun Diner Alo (1973), Raater Rajanigandha (1973), Tagari (1985), Ajit Ganguly distinguished himslef as an actor and writer as well. Popular films like Raktatilak (1974), and Dak Diye Jai (1978) were based on his screenplays, while he tranlated the original play on which Thana Theke Aschi (1965) was adapted.

Born in 1921 in Chuchura, he was heavily involved in theatre from a young age. His first opportunity in cinema came as an actor in Dak Horkora (1958). He amde his directorial debut with Mukhujey Paribar in 1965. He went on to direct over 20 films in his career. The popular Hiren Nag mystery Thana Theke Aschi was based on a play he had translated. As many as 8 films were based on his screenplays. He continued acting in films like Akash Pradeep (1963), Jatugriha (1964) and Dak Diye Jai (1978). Some of his notable plays were Bahurupi, LTG and Nandikar

The noted playwright-director passed away in 1984. 


Information courtesy: Chattopadhay, Gautam, Bangla Chalochitrer Obhidhan, Banishilpa, 2015.