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Zulmi (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

JORAVAR… The Don of the Underworld. Baba Thakur is the man who stood between his criminal business & criminal way. Joravar plans to destroy Baba Thakur & his family. In that plan Baba Thakur, his son, and his daughter-in-law is killed. Before dying, Baba Thakur handover his grandson Nihal (last person of the family) to honest Balraj and take his promise to take care of his grandson at any cost. At the time passes rivalry of Balraj & Joravar increases.

Status. Money & Love makes Nihal a bad boy, which Balraj has no idea about and his behavior. And one day he hunt Pooja for his sexual needs. Pooja who is Raj’s sister. Nihal, while trying to rape Pooja, she killed herself and this become Raj’s revenge to kill Nihal.

After this incidence Balraj sends Nihal to Cochin regarding the making of five-star hotel.

Time and incidence get Raj and Balraj closer… and Balraj’s daughter Komal falls in lover with Raj. Balraj decides, Komal and Raj’s wedding. And for this happy ceremony, he calls back Nihal. And from here it started a new war. Raj is thirsty of Nihal's blood regarding his sister's death. Balraj wants to save Nihal's life at any cost because he has promised that. Joravar wants to take advantage of this situation because he always gets defeated from Balraj. Komal get stuck up in between promise and Revenge.

Can Raj kill Nihal? Can Balraj save Raj’s Life ? is it the winning of Raj Revenge or the Promise of the Balraj. The answer is in “ZULMI” 

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