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Zabardast (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

Ratan Kumar is on the run with his infant son Sunder and a box full of diamonds which Balram had forcibly made him steal.

Ratan Kumar hides the diamonds in some ruins. He gets the job of a Manager in a remote village with the kind help of a Doctor Saigal. Sunder grows in Maharani Maanvati's Palace. Ratan Kumar's wife Pushpa who was feared burnt by Balram's men comes to the village. The Maharani dies in an incident. Fate has still more problems for Ratan Kumar One night Sunder along with Ratan Kumar's son Ravi are missing. Ratan Kumar is arrested for stealing the diamonds.

Years passed by
 Sunder, now a youth is Shyam, and Mala, the daughter of Dr. Saigal falls in love with him, while Ravi a Pop singer is in love with Sunita. 

The return of Ratan Kumar, the meeting with his wife and his two sons, and the revenge with Balram Singh is the dramatic climax of Zabardast………

(From the official press booklet)