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Wrong Number (1959)

  • LanguageHindi

Chandu is an honest hardworking truck driver-His only sister Nirmala, is in love with his best friend Ramesh, who is a sub-inspector in police department. Chandu wins a fortune in Lottery and his joy knows no bounds to receive such a big health with which he could, without any obstacle, get his sister married to Ramesh, whose father is a miser rich man!

Chandu approaches with the lottery number, to his boss, Seth Banwarilal, who is not only the proprietor of a big hotel but also runs a den of gangsters Banwarilal sees the Lottery and advances Chandu a good sum of money. Now Chandu lives in a palatial Bunglow and owns a car too. He approaches Ramesh’s father with proposal of Nirmala’s marriage with Ramesh and also pays him advance money, demanded for dowry.

MAN PROPOSES BUT GOD DISPOSES! So it happens with poor Chandu. On the marriage day of Nirmala, the lottery Agent comes with a sad news that Chandu’s Lottery a ‘WRONG NUMBER’.

Ramesh’s father disagrees with the marriage and Banwarilaldamands his advance money back. Poor Chandu is squeezed in the ditch of calamities and is disheartened.

But Banwarilal takes the advantage of the circumstances and offers Chandu to join his gang for looting and robbing the Banks. Chandu had to yield all due to love towards his sister and real sentimental affection towards Ramesh and Nirmala.

Sub-inspector Ramesh is very keen about the activities of Banwarilal. He is after him to get some clue for all his activities for breaking the law and peace.

Whether Chandu is caught by the law? Nirmala gets her beloved Ramesh? Whether crimes pays or not?

All you can witness in Solar Art Production’s “WRONG NUMBER” IF WITNESSED ON THE SILVER SCREEN.

(From the official press booklet))