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Vehra Lambaran Da (1982)

  • Release Date14/10/1983
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length3648.94 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-102166- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date30/10/1982
  • Shooting LocationEssel Studios &Chandivili Studios, Bombay.

The film is based on the noble thought, “Forgiveness is the best form of revenge”. Kishan Chand is a popular Numbardar of his village. He also has a grain shop in the mandi. IsharDass(B. K. Sood) is his younger brother, whom he loves like a son. Kishan Chand has a son Shera (Praveen Sood) and IsherDass also has a son Brahm (Satish Kaul). Shera and Brahmare school goers. Their mothers Shanti (Uma Khosla) and Ram Pyari also live in the joint family like sisters. However, IsharDass falls into bad company and consumes alcohol occasionally. He is rebuked by his elder brother Kishan Chand, advised to shun bad habits and devote his time and energy towards the family business. 
Kaudey Shah (RajanHaksar), a money-lender and a commission agent, also has his shop in the same market. He also lends money to needy villagers against the mortgage of their gold, charging high-interest rates. Kauder Shah is jealous of the popularity of the two brothers Kishan Chand and IsharDass. He wants to create a rift in the happy family by instigating IsharDass against his elder brother Kishan Chand. In this way, he can also extract an old revenge.

Kaudey Shah has a college-going daughter Poonam (Padmini Kapila) who falls in love with Brahm. They want to marry with the approval of their parents. However, their parents, being enemies, do not approve of it. 

One day while IsharDassis away, his brother Kishan Chand is murdered by Kaudey Shah’s worker Lehna Singh. At the time of the funeral, it is wrongly infused in Shera’s mind that his father has been murdered by his uncle IsharDassto increase his property and popularity. Shera thus becomes an enemy of his uncle and he is keen to take revenge.IsharDass tries to clear the air but he is helpless. Shera extracts money from IsharDassforcibly every month as his share of business and property. On the other side, the enmity between Kaudey Shah and IsharDass deepens.

Kaudey Shah has a gang of bad elements, who tease the girls and women of the village. One of his hooligans VeeruUstad tries to rape Lehna’s daughter Rani (Pooja), but she is saved by Shera.Lehna is killed and after the death of her father, Rani and her mother lead a miserable life. Shera’s mother offers Rani to work in their house. Shera and Rani develop a liking for each other and the seeds of love grow. When Shera comes to know about Kaudey Shah’s role in getting killed Lehna, he goes to shoot KaudeyShah. However, Poonam intervenes to save her father, and Shera accepts her as his own sister.  
Brahm takes Poonam to a temple to marry her. Shera intervenes and a fight ensues. One of Kaudey Shah’s gangsters, Nihala saves the situation by declaring himself as the real murderer of Shera’s father Kishan Chand. Shera and Brahm forget their differences and the two families are united. 

When one of the gangsters Gurnam (Yogesh Chhabra) attempts to rape Poonam, Kaudey Shah shoots at him. During the scuffle, Gurnam’s men kidnapPoonam. Brahm and Shera chase them and catch hold of Gurnam. Kaudey Shah admits to his role in the murder of Kishan Chand and surrenders before the police. Brahm and Poonam get married while Shera is happy to get his Rani.