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Veer Rajputani (1955)

  • LanguageHindi

Hansa Kumari saves Veer Singh from being killed by his brother Daku Zalim Singh. The two falls in love but are soon separated by Gurudeo because Hansa is in reality Rajkumari Padmavati. Veer Singh has to leave the ashram with Baba. On his way, he rescues Rajkumari Surekha from Zalim Singh whom he would not kill. Surekha brings Veer Singh to her brother Viram raj under the evil influence of Banbir and manages to keep him in Viramur as Senapati.

At Alkapuri Raja Bhagwat Singh is again harassed by Daku Zalim who is put to flight by Padma. He announces to marry his daughter to anyone who captures Zalim. Crafty Viramraj sends Veer Singh to capture Zalim so that he can marry Padma. Little does he know that Padmavati is his sweetheart Hansa. Gurudev also advises Hansa to capture Zalim so that no one can marry her.

At the inn Veersingh fights with Kavi Prithvi raj who belongs to the camp of Raja Mansingh and Akbar the great. A sadhu saves his life by revealing himself as Maharan Pratap. Padma comes to capture Zalim as a dancer but fails and is condemned to death. Veersingh saves her and captures Zalim single-handed. When Veersingh tells Padma whom he as yet knows as Hansa that he wants to marry her she runs away revealing to him her true identity.

On his return, Veersingh is surprised to find Prithviraj at Virampur as the envoy of Akbar the Great. He protests but is arrested. Valiant Prithviraj orders that Veersingh's fate should be decided by the Delhi Durbar. Surekha comes across Padma who has been saved from falling off a precipice by Ranaji himself. The two viranganas come to know that Ranaji has decided to cease hostilities. Here comes Prithviraj and all of them including Bhamasha prevail upon Ranaji to alter his decision.

Now, it is Maharana Pratap who ultimately prevents the marriage between Padmavati and Veersingh, and in which he is nobly supported by the judgment of Akbar the Great. Zalimsingh dies in saving Ranaji's life. Veersingh kills Banbir.

In the grand finale taken in glorious Gevacolor, we find Maharana Pratap, Veer Singh, Padmavati, and others going away as Kavi Prithviraj sings an inspiring song depicting the glory of Rajasthan.

(From the official press booklet)