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Veer Arjun (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Chitrangadha, the princess of Manipur, meets and falls in love with Veer Arjun, but before she can express her love for him, he is kidnapped by Uloopi, the bewitching daughter of kauravya, the snake king veer Arjun marries Uloopi, but Shri Krishna uses his spell of lure him away from Naglok and unites him with Chitrangadha. The two of them were living happily, but Shri Krishna orders Ghathochkutch the son of Bhim of bring Veer Arjun to Dwarka, which he does, Shri Krishna puts a spell on Veer Arjun whereby he forgets all about Uloopi and Chitrangadha. 

Veer Arjun with the help of Shri Krishna elopes with Subadhra, the sister of Balaram and marries her. 

Chitrangadha gives birth to a son Babruvahan who grows to be a valiant warror and masters all the martial arts. After defeating the Kauravas, the Pandavas hold on Ashwamedh and veer Arjuu is selected to protect the Ashwamedh Horse. Babruvahan captures the Ashwamcdh Horse of the Pandavas and Provokes, Veer Arjun in to battle It is only then that Chitrangadha informs Babruvahan that veer Arjun he is really his father. Pabruvahan goes to Veer Arjun and tells him that he is his son, but Veer Ariun refuses to accept him.

What was the reaction of Babruvahan when veer, Aritin refuses to accept him as his son? 

What is the revenge of " Jwala " whose son was killed by Veer Arjun? 

What is the terrible curse of "Gauga" whose son Bheesmha was killed by Veer Arjun?

What is the terrifying Oath of Babruvahan.?

The Answer to all this is to VEER ARJUN"

(From the official press booklet)