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Vandana (1975)

  • LanguageHindi

There are certain happenings in life which cannot be explained except by attributing these to Destiny, Will of God, or whatever you may call it. It happened because it had to it was destined to. VANDANA is the story of such a girl, Rekha to whom Dame Fortune was not kind. Her mother's death, chance meeting with Basant a notorious smuggler landed her in Jail for three years, her marriage to Rakesh, birth of two kids and the accidental murder of Basant for which she was sentenced for life are the tricks that Fate played upon her.
Ten long years have passed. Today Rekha is very happy as the rest of her prison term has been condoned by the authorities for good behavior. She will be able to breathe the air of freedom again. But the gods above had other plans. Her husband comes to meet her. He had borrowed ten lakhs of Rupees by mortgaging all his property and possessions. The entire money gets burnt in an accident. He is a ruined man now. The whole family will be on the streets if something is not done immediately. Shobha a rich young widow who used to fancy Rakesh, before his marriage to Rekha, offers to help but with one condition that he marries her. Shocked at this revelation Rekha hides her release order which the Jail warden had given her so that she could tell the good news to her husband herself. Sacrificing her love she almost forces him to go and marry Shobha for the sake of the family honour and the future of the children. 

Lonely and lost she comes out of the prison. The only person with whom she can hope to find refuge is the retired jailor settled In Cochin who had treated her like a daughter during her first conviction. But before going there she wanted to see her children once. She goes to her own house but as an outsider. She meets her children but as a stranger. As III luck would have it Rakesh comes to know of her presence in town. She does not want to jeo pardise the future of her children and husband. She decides to leave at once.
Could she leave the town?
Did the husband and wife meet again? 
Did the children meet their mother? 

Of course, all of them met each other and were happy ever after. But how? For that, you have to visit your nearest theatre and see NARENDRA SURI'S VANDANA.

(From the official press booklet)