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Ustad Mera Naam (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

It is the story of eternal conflict between Law Makers and Lawbreakers. It is the story of Love & Loyalty V/s Greed Lust. 

The story opens when Britishers had just arrived in India to expand their business. Gabriel was one such merchant who came to India frequently with textiles etc. and carry - home gold, diamonds, etc. 

Gurunath, GajendraBhupsingh, and Nagraj were Gabriel's agents in India, these three Musketeers used to serve Gabriel as and when he came to India. As a reward, Gabriel built a village called PALEM, near Goa and established a bank with the Three Musketeers as partners. Gabriel had taken GajendraBhupsingh's son Rajendra along with him to England for training and to make him a Ustad. 

But Nagaraj could not control his greed for riches he killed Gurunath, robbed the bank, and successfully foisted both the crimes on GajendraBhupsingh, thus becoming all in all of the Bank as well as the village. 

GajendraBhupsingh absconded and a reward of 5000 silver Coins was announced for bringing him dead or alive. 

Rajendra returns after twenty years, to meet his father, at village Palem. But only to find his father shot dead in his son's arms Rajendra. Now known as Raja or ustad, comes to know from Mansingh that his father was innocent of both the crimes for which he was wanted and it was Naagraj who played the trick on Gajendra. 

Raja in a strategic move, with the help of Mansingh, goes to Palem Police Station to claim reward for his father's dead body. There, for the first time, he meets Nagaraj and they have a tiff. 

As Raja tries to dig out the secrets behind the crimes foisted on his father, Nagaraj deputes one of his henchmen to kill Raja but he is a match for all. 

Nagaraj provokes Jyothi, daughter of Gurunath and now a dancer in a club, by telling her that Raja is the son of the murderer of her father Gurunath. Jyothi tries to take revenge but Raja is saved. Jyothi then overhears the truth and she reunites with Raja. 

While going to his father's grave Raja is attacked by Naagraj's henchmen. Though Raja successfully saves himself from the attack he is bitten by a snake, his Loyal horse takes him to the camp of some tribals. Where after treatment he recovers but there he sees the split image of Jyothi who is known among the tribesmen as Moni. 

The tribal chief is in search of precious stone, which was taken away by Gurunath and which was now in Naagraj's possession. 

When Raja tries to play a trick on Naagraj to get the stone, Nagaraj sends his henchmen to follow in a conflict Moni is shot dead. On the other hand, Naagraj robbed the bank, killed the cashier, and successfully foisted both the crimes on Raja. 

What happens then? Could Raja prove him and his father innocent? Will Nagaraj and his gang of Law-breakers be arrested? Will Jyothi and Raja marry? 

Answers to these questions will be found on the screen in "USTAD MERA NAAM".

(From the official press booklet)