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Ulta Seedha (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

Ramesh Saxena is a qualified textile technologist but he isa freelance photographer by profession.

It sounds topsy turvy, isn't it? Yes everything in our present society is topsy turvy i.e. "Ulta Seedha." Ramesh could not get any job on the strength of his qualifications because he had no   recommendation, in 'seedha' language. So he tried 'Ulta Seedha' ways though his dramatist friend Sapan, did not approve of his approach.

Ramesh with his solid bluffs procured the job of a press photographer    and he starteda crusade against    the establishment.
Shobha is the only daughter of Justice A.K. Roy. She is beautiful, charming and modern. But Justice Roy still believes that saree is the only proper dress for woman.

This very Shobha one day slaps an eve teaser. Ramesh catches this incident in his camera and publishes this picture with a juicy comment which was inappreciation of the girl's bravery. Shobha is annoyed and orders the owner of the paper, her relative,to dismiss Ramesh and he does so. Ra meshwants to teach her a lesson but the trouble starts when he realises that he has fallen in love with Shobha.

At the same time his real identity is exposed to Judge Sahib who gives him a challenge to be a somebody.

Ramesh again takes help of 'ulta rasta' to make use of his textile knowledge. He impersonates  somebody  and  gets a chance  to  run a  sick  textile  mill and  prove  his worth. He becomes so successful and  such a  favourite  guy  with  the workers  that   the  proprietor of  the  mill  Manjit  Singh  isantagonised.

Judge Sahib is happy that Ramesh   has proved    his worth but suddenly from out of the blue a girl appears andclaims to be Ramesh's wife. Shobha and Judge Sahib are shocked and annoyed. Ramesh tries to find out the truth but the girl is found murdered.    Rameshis arrested as the    killer but dramatist Sapan Kumar rescues him in a dramatic way. Ramesh convinces Shobha about his innocence and she too joins hands with Ramesh and Sapan to trace the killer. But how to prove that Ramesh is innocent and that somebody else is the killer? See the 'Ulta  Seedha'  waysadopted by them to catch the culprit which will amuse and entertain you.

(From the official press booklet)