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Tum Aur Main (1946)

  • Release Date1947
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Savita and her mother are in a gruesome car accident, and Savita is grievously injured. On hearing that her daughter may never recover from her injuries and walk again, her mother passes away from a heart attack. Her father Durjaysingh, the Police Superintendent of 24 Parganas, is immensely distressed: his wife is dead and his daughter disabled. 

The union leader and nationalist revolutionary Arun Kumar, Savita's college-mate, had been hoping to marry her. He is shattered by this news. Her sister Latika, engaged to Captain Kishore, and her brother Bholanath, a worker at Sundarsingh's mill, are both devastated at the turn their family's fortunes have taken. Bholanath's impending union with Sundarsingh's daughter Gauri is also put on hold. The lives of all three couples are thus disrupted by this misfortune. Durjaysingh is thrown into a dilemma. How can he arrange the wedding of his younger daughter while his eldest languishes unmarried? 

Meanwhile, Durjaysingh catches Arun Kumar carrying a bouquet of flowers for Savita. Unable to bear the shock, Savita faints. Latika brings Arun into the house to vet his character, and his presence in the house rekindles Savita's feelings for him. As spring arrives, Arun tells Savita to take in the beauty of nature and find repose in it. Savita is miraculously cured by this, and she stands up. None are witness to this miracle save Latika. A newly cured Savita starts meeting Arun regularly. 

At the mill, fed up with the daily oppression they are subject to, the mill workers start a strike. When one of their gatherings is raided by the police, two leaders are apprehended, and they turn out to be Arun Kumar and Bholanath. Seeing this, Sundarsingh's eyes are opened to his own unjust behaviour, and he grants the workers' demands. Softened by what he sees of Arun, Durjaysingh consents to his union with Savita. 

(Translated from the official press booklet)