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Tuhi Ram Tuhi Krishna (1976)

  • Release Date1976
  • LanguageHindi

WHENEVER atrocities and cruelties are done by EVIL SOULS and demons in the universe. then LORD VISHNU himself appears in one form or other. FOR RAVANA. He came as RAMA while for KANSA and the injustice done to the TRUTH by the dirty clutches of KAURVAS. He came as KRISHNA.

At the time of Sita Swayambra, a princess CHANDRA SENA fascinated by the glory of RAMA started dreaming of him as her husband in the heart of hearts. MAHI RAVAN, the brothers of Ravana, infatuated by the beauty of CHANDERSENA imprisoned her in PATEL (but Chandra Sena was reluctant to marry him.

RAVAN kidnapped Sita and Rama-Ravana war took place. Ravana sought help from his brother MAHI RAVANA who made the statues of Rama and Laxman and took them to PATEL. When Hanuman learned about this deceitful act. he immediately crossed the Sea and went to PATEL, where he met his son MATCHHAVALAHB. He met Chandra Sena also there. Learning the secret of PRANAS of Mahiravana from Chandra Sena, who expressed her desire to Shri Rama that he should accept her as HIS wife. Rama could not oblige her that time because he was devoted to His wife but promised her that her wish would be fulfilled when he comes as KRISHNA AVTARA.

In KRISHNA AVTARA, Chandrasena took birth as Shama. SATYA BHAMA WAS overwhelmed by the pride of her beauty. SHRI KRISHNA reminded SATYA BHAMA who were they ( Her previous life) both got married. Sataya Bhama because of her beauty and wealth was jealous of otherwise of KRISHNA.

NARADA from Trilok reached here. To shatter the pride of SATYABHAMA. Narda gave her a MANTRA in which she had to weigh her HUSBAND. When the whole of the wealth of Satyabhama could not weigh LORD KRISHNA. Narda took Krishna in there. People started cursing Satya Bhama.
In the end. Rukmini, another wife of Lord Krisha came to the rescue of Satyabhama and weighed LORD KRISHNA. Narda with one leaf of TULSI and released Krishna from Narda. Thus SATYABHAMA who hated her sister ( Krishna wives ) realized her mistake.

[from the official press booklet]