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Trimurti (1974)

  • LanguageHindi

Happiness is relative. Money certainly can't buy it. So what is happiness? "TRIMURTI" presents a solution to this mystery in the traditional Indian way.

I t is the story of a mother, who without money tries to give happiness to her sons, just as Mother Indio manages to keep her sons  happy  even though she herself is steeped in poverty. This then is the theme of "TR IMURTI".

Vijay, Nandu and  Bhola,  the  three brothers  who ore  the  "TRIMU RTI" of this picture, try to find  contentment  in life by  being  footloose and  free. The soaring unemployment has compelled them to ask society whether i t owes them  a living,  and  to  odd  to  their  problems,  they  fall i n  love  with  the daughters of  rich  men.

But wealth has its own wicked ways of becoming a barrier to happiness, and this is what happens. One of the three brothers happens to be the long lost son of the rich man whose daughter is in love with the eldest brother.

Events take interesting twists again! The father of the other two girls is a rich man with a secret, and he wants the long lost boy to marry one of his daughters. In this vast jumble the poor mother holds the thread of ethics together and tries her hand at unraveling the problems that face all of them.

Matters soon come to a head as the voice of the poor is raised in anguish against the powerful language of money.  But who cares ?

Well, "TRIMURTI" tries to give on answer in this simple story of three brothers who stand against the world, and come out winning.

(From the official press booklet)