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Tilottama (1954)

  • Release Date1954
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3441.49 meters
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-11430-MUM
  • Certificate Date26/08/1954

The story of strife between gods and demons, in several fascinating forms, is repeated in the golden pages of Hindu Mythology. Shukracharya, the preceptor of demons, had the ambition to established demon rule in heaven to spite Brihaspati, the preceptor of gods.

Once Shukracharya adopted two brothers Sund and Upsund, as his disciples, and by proper training, made their power invincible. Sund and Upsund conquered the earth. To enable them to conquer heaven, Shukracharya started his “Nine Vamas Vagna”. The growing might of these demon kings created panic in heaven. Luckily an incident took place which bought a ray of hope to Brihaspati. Sund had killed a Brahim’s wife for worshipping gods. The enraged husband put a curse on him that a woman would be the cause of his destruction.
Brihaspati and the gods thereupon requested Brahim to create the most beautiful woman who would ensure the two brothers and destroy them. Brahma created Tilottma, a peerless woman.  Shukracharya sensed this game of Brihaspati, and so he made the two brothers promise that they would never see the face of a woman.

Tilottma by her guiles managed to make both the brothers fall in love with her. Things went so far that Shukracharya could not control the situation. One day when Shukracharya was in deep meditation, Sund and Upsund went to heaven to get Tilottama. Indra got down from his throne and Sund and Upsund ascended it. They sent for Tilottma. When she came, the two brothers began to establish their claim on her. She decided on the issue by saying that she would marry the mightiest man in the three worlds. 
The two brothers fought with each other to decide who was the stronger, and both of them died. Thus Shukracharya’s ambition was once again foiled.

(From the official press booklet)