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Tigress (1948)

  • Release Date1948
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

A railway line was to pass through Garibnagar and as it always happens the usurpers got the news earlier than the simple village-folk. Jagirdar of Basantpur was such a man who would not let go of an opportunity of making money. He moved fast and offered monetary help to villagers against the mortgage of their pieces of land. 

There was only one wise educated teacher of the school in Garibnagar Miss Raj, who would not let her brother Jagu mortgage the land nor would she approve of others doing so.

There was now a tussle between the school teacher and the Jagirdar of Basantpur. Could she claim her rights openly? It hardly seemed possible. She, therefore, come to him an army of two devoted soldiers: a dog “ MOTI” and a horse “RAJPUT”.

Bhagwati a poor farmer from the village was an innocent victim of the tricks of the Jagirdar but he was promised all facilities if and only if, he would break the promise of marrying his daughter Rani to Jagu and marry her to the Jagirdar. Bhagwati’s non-inclination put Jagu into trouble, Rani at the mercy of the Jagirdar and there was no help to anyone of them.

The hand of law had been moving slowly but now the speed increased and the Rajkumar came to the village. With him were a hand-cuffed person and Jagu.

How did all this happen? How did Raj rescue her brother from where he was thrown by the Jagirdar’s people in face of death? Why did Rani agree to marry Jagirdar? Who was Rajkumar? How the two happy-go-lucky people Chella and Chhabili took part in the various adventures of Raj, Rani and the Rajkumar all remain to be seen on the screen.

(from the official press booklet])