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Tadipaar (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

A man thrown away from the city discarded from the society is a TADIPAAR. This story is of a TADIPAAR named Shankar (Mithun Chakraborty), Shankar can be discarded from a city but not from the hearts Shankar is a young man who daydreams of being rich leading a luxurious life and having a beautiful woman beside him He thinks that if he can have a rich young beautiful woman all his dreams can come true And one day his dream becomes a reality When Shankar meets Namkeen(Pools Bhatt), Namkeen is a look-alike of a very rich girl, Princess Mohini Devi.

Namkeen, Shankar, Kadar Bhai and Kadak make a plan of kidnapping the princess and replacing her with Namkeen. But when Shankar brings Namkeen to the palace he finds out that princess Mohini and Namkeen are two different names of the same person. 

Everybody laughs and ridicules Shankar and he cannot tolerate this insult Shankar in his frustration kidnaps princess Mohini and after this starts surprising encounters and romantic incidents that can be portrayed by the one and only MAHESH BHATT.

Vishesh Films - heart-warming and emotional presentation "TADIPAAR"


(From the official press booklet)