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Tada (2003)

  • LanguageHindi

In Mumbai City Ajay Rana (MukeshKhanna) resides with his wife (ShamaDeshpandey) and his younger brother UdayRana (SharadKapoor). BalrajRana (Dharmendra) is elder brother of Ajay Rana came to city for treatment of his father. In that city underworld's two group ShankerKalal (Mohan Joshi), Vitthalrao (Rami Reddy) makes war in between them. Corrupted Inspector Dandekar (SadashivAmrapurkar) works between two groups by taking money from each other. Unfortunately, BalrajRana came in to these traps of groups. In that time his father murder was taken place. BalrajRana takes revenge of his father's murderer BhimaKalal (Deepak Shirke) by making murder of BhimKalal. By taking advantage of this Vitthalrao makes BalrajRana as his group leader.

In spite of crimes and came in the trap of crimes BalrajRana remains separate from drugs, haftavasuli or other illegal activities of business of weapons. But Vitthalrao tries to BalrajRana to bring in to this business. By taking this point enemy arises in between two persons. As per suggestion of Inspector Dandekar, VitthalraoBalrajRana's enemy ShankerKalal becomes friend and with the help of these three persons they plans to ruin away BalrajRana and his family and with this plan BalrajRana gets badly injured. To Uday gets arrested for keeping illegal weapons under TADA Act and suspend was made to Ajay Rana.

Whether BalrajRana saves his life? Whether Uday gets free from Tada? Whether Ajay Rana occupies his uniform again? What happens of enemies of BalrajRana?

(From the official press booklet)